Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our new project!

This post is for Ginger just so I can show her our new mess. We ripped out our coat closet so we can add a pellet stove in this corner. I will post pictures of the final project when it is done.

Birthday Party!

The boys had their birthday party on Saturday. They had friends and family come and join the fun. Brian got his very own scriptures, some chapter books and lots of money. Trey got lots of drawing stuff and lots of money too.

Sorry for so many of the same pics I didn't realize before I downloaded them. They had a black and white cake cause these 2 kids are so black and white.

We are so proud of these boys. We had parent teacher conferences last week and Brian is doing great in reading. He reads well into a 4th grade level. His teacher said he understands what he reads even though he reads super fast and that really impressed her. Trey's teacher just loves him. She said he is a funny and super smart kid. She said it is weird though because he will be the first one done and the answers will be right one day and the next day he will move as slow as a turtle when doing work. She said when he wants to apply himself he does great and when he is day dreaming he just never gets done. Funny though cause we see that all the time at home.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Trey and Brians Birthdays at school

They both took cupcakes to school monday for their birthdays and it was so cute, Trey's teacher really gave hime 7 swats on the butt. He didn't really think she was serious but she put him over her leg and went at it. His face was so red. I didn't get too many pics that day but it was sure cute. Brian just got a class pic after he passed out cupcakes. They had fun!

Better Late then Never

We went by the cemetary to visit Azure. We wanted to pay our respects to Azure and see how nice The Biglers had made it. They did so much work over there, Thank you! She has the nicest grave over there. My pics are dark, thats why I named this post "better late then never", we went at like 9:30 that night. We wanted to go for Family Home Evening but by the time Mike got done with all his work it was so late we just jumped out of the car and took some pictures. It was FREEZING!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Azure Dea Starkes

Well Today is the 1 year mark of the passing of our sweet Azure. It is also my oldest son, Brian's, birthday. Azure was my sister-in-law as all of you know, she was also one of my best friends. When we got the news that afternoon the phones were ringing. Everyone wanted to know if what they were hearing was true. Unfortunately they heard the news correct. My sister Mandy was in Utah and didn't have good service so she didn't find out till a tad later. She wanted to be with us so bad. I guess what I am trying to say is we as a family made sure our family knew and no one was left out. There was a feeling I got at that time and a feeling I still have alot of the time is, "there is someone who needs to know", or" I think I forgot to tell somebody". It is an empty spot, I know it is my need to tell my dear friend Azure SOMETHING! That day I felt like we needed to tell her, but obviously we couldn't and she knew anyway. When I found out I was prego, I wanted to call her and tell her cause she loved being a mom and I bet if she was still with us she would have had another baby by now. I don't have too many bad days anymore so don't think I am having a pity party on my blog. I love Azure and miss her dearly, as all of us do I know. I feel guilty with everyone who has lost someone lately and I am bringing us Azh, but I had to take this day to reflect and remember her. I really hate expressing myself in writing cause seriously nothing comes out right, but my heart is full and needed to express myself. I can't even say all that I am thinking and pondering on the last few days. All I know is Heavenly Father is loving and has helped our family through this last year, as I know He has helped the Biglers as well. My heart goes out to the Bigler family and thanks them for sharing their daughter with us. We love Azure!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our 7 year olds

Brian and Trey are 2 days short of a year apart. So obviously every year they are the same age for 2 days. They think it is cool, they think they are twins for those 2 days. We loved having my first 2 babies that close. Everyone thought we were crazy and that it must be so hard. It really wasn't, course we didn't know any different. Now that we have 4 kids at all different ages we sure wouldn't have 2 in one year now. We love watching these 2 grow and learn. Sometimes they are on the same level and sometimes different(like they should be). Trey has always tried to keep up with Brian and that makes Brian try to stay on top of himself. They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. We love them! Happy Birthday Brian and Trey!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last night we went to the fire station for a fire awareness thingy. The kids really wanted to see the inside of the firetrucks so when Mike finally got home(late) we ran down there real fast. We got to see fire that they started to show how hot and fast it grows. We got there so late that the helicopter they had on display had to leave so we watched them leave. That was fun and scary also. We weren't very far away from it that when it started taking off all me and Mike could think about was the blades flying off. The wind was really strong around us while it was leaving. FUN! This video is kind of long. sorry! The other pics are of the kids in the firetruck.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Potty Trainin'

Well Eighmey finally decided to be a big girl. This pic is from when I tried to potty train her like 10 months ago. I guess she wasn't ready cause now it has been soooo much easier. She hasn't had one poo mess and only like 3 or so pee messes. She remembers to tell me all the time and she even goes all by herself and I don't even know till I hear a toilet flush. I am not sad at all. People always say they are sad cause their baby is growing up, but I have never once had a time that I wasn't changing a diaper in the last 8 years, and seems I am due in February why not have a short break.

Trey's class has you sign up for a week that you bring in a poster all about you. They call the poster "Super Star poster". He had alot of fun thinking of what makes him a super star. His birthday is Saturday so that makes him an even bigger super star. Trey is my sweetheart of a boy.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Still don't know how to blog

K, well I can't get a new family picture on here cause I can't scan the newest. I can't find my CD with all my recent pics on it so I guess this is all you get to start off with. So I guess Ginger talked me into this blog thing. I quess I will catch on soon how to do it all. I will start looking really hard for some pics of my kids and all the crazy things they do. Just keep lookin'.