Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sleep Over!

Grandma Yarn called us Saturday and wanted to know if our kids could stay the night at her house. Grandpa had to work nights that week and Grandma wasn't liking the idea of staying in her new house alone all night. Mike and I ran to Showlow real quick and did some shopping and then stopped by Denny's for some yummy breakfast.

School Party!

Another day of dressing up! FUN! Trey couldn't really be a zombie at school cause without all the time consuming makeup he just looks like a bum. Eighmey and Jaimin didn't need to dress up but I haven't been able to get Jaimin out of the spidey costume since we got the Halloween bucket out.Eighmey is a sweety all huggin her daddy. I couldn't even imagine another girl to baby.


K, I am adding a LOT of pics and I don't know how to get them to look right, so if there are all over the place sorry! Brian was a vampire, Trey was a zombie, Jaimin was grim reaper guy, Eighmey was a witch. I love making their costumes and I know they only will let me a little longer so I take advantage of it. We went to our wards trunk or treat on Thursday and on Friday we bribed the kids to stay home. They got so much dang candy, why go out another night?