Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is Madden Montgomery Yarn. He was 8lbs 9oz and 21in.

He is a cutie. He reminds us of Jaimin, he looks just like him.

So it has taken me over 2 weeks to finally post anything about our new arrival. I have tons more pics of Madden but Walmart decided not to burn them on the CD I bought SO, for now this is what ya get.

Because I am trying to make this my journal I am going to ramble for a sec, I want to record the events and my feelings of February 6Th, 2009.

4:15 a.m.- Alarm goes off, not that I was really sleeping anyway.
I get in the shower and get ready for the day. Mikes alarm goes off at about 4:45 and he tells me to wake him up at 5:00 (We are leaving at 5:30ish). We are ready and head out the door around 5:40. We rush to the hospital thinking we will be late and walk in just in time.

6:00 a.m.- Got taken to OB to get prepped for surgery, butterflies in my belly.

7:30 a.m.- kissed my hubby with tears in my eyes, wheeled into surgery room scared out of my mind.

7:35 a.m.- moved to the surgery table, Docs showed up, got spinal tap

7:40 a.m.- Can't feel a thing, hubby comes in dressed in his blue suit, tells me to stay calm as I am about to hyperventilate.

7:41 to 7:57- seems like an eternity as they cut through layers of me, all I feel is a bunch of tugging.I started getting really anxious at this point, not only do I want to see my baby but I am very claustrophobic and have been fighting it for about 20 minutes now.Mike sits by me and tells me to stay calm looking over every few seconds. Finally he tells me he can see Maddens head. Then I hear Wendy say "Okay Brandi, your gonna feel pressure". I hold my breath cause I remember from last time I couldn't breath at this point. Wendy pushes on my belly, Tindall pulls Madden out, he lets out a big cry, I start balling. Tindall tells me I got what I wanted, he says Madden is a big baby.

7:58 a.m.- I saw my baby boys face for the first time, cried even harder.
8:00 a.m.- Mike went over to where they had the baby, a few minutes later he came back and told me how cute he was and that he was going to the nursery with Madden. The nurse brought him to me real quick for a kiss.
8:00 to 9:00ish a.m.- I lay there board out of my mind, still feeling claustrophobic, as they sew me up. One of the nurses comes back and tells me to take a guess on Maddens weight, I guessed 8.8, he was 8.9. The docs start talking about how chunky he was and how big his head was (15cm).Then I hear Wendy and Tindall start talking about Obama as I am trying to force myself asleep.
9:15 to 10:15 a.m.- I had to sit in recovery as they check my vitals a hundred times. I finally got ice chips like I have been dreaming about for about 9 months now. They start to roll me up stairs and I feel something inside me. "Um, I think I am going to throw up" I tell the lady. She runs and get s a bucket. I hold it back.
10:30 a.m.- I finally get to hold little Maddy. I start to nurse him, he is great at it first thing, love it! I feel something inside me again, Mike hands me my bucket and there it goes, THROW UP! Of course I hadn't eaten anything in about 13 hours so all it was was water but I hate throwing up.
2:00 p.m.- I needed some pain med, still throwing up and my face itched like crazy. HELP!
The rest of the day I held Madden and we had a few visitors. Practically our whole family was either out of town or sick or working so just a few people came to see us. Grandma and Grandpa Starkes, Ginger, Grandpa Yarn, Charlotte and Lauran, and Kelli.
Saturday February 7th- we wake up and Mike needs to go get the kids from Heber so our babysitters can leave to the valley(Thanks Brian and Ginger for watching the kids for us). I am alone now and way board, Tindall comes in about 1:00ish to check on me, I tell him I am ready to leave so he lets me. I call Mike and tell him to come back and get me. He gets there around 2:40, we eat our "SPECIAL" dinner, get pics done and we are out the door.
We head over to wally world so we can get my pain med, I am needing it about now anyway. We sit and wait...... Finally we are headed home, we stop to rent movies at the red box, we see a schwans man and remember our kids are probably hungry so we grab some pizzas. We get home and the kids are so excited to see Madden. We throw pizzas in, watch and movie, went to bed! What a day!
Now Madden is 2 1/2 weeks old and growing big. He is so alert and we just love him. All the kids are way too helpful and sometimes that is not a good thing. I have caught them all picking him up or carrying him to me just because he was crying for a few seconds. Brian has brought him down the stairs, Jaimin got him out of his crib, Eighmey has picked him up and once I caught her trying to get him out of his crib. Hopefully this kid survives through his "helpful" siblings.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just kidding, One more Post

This is the mess after shaving them all. It looks like we cut the hair of 3 girls.

This is the recent hair cuts, ALL OR NOTHING is our theory. Trey had such long hair, I braded some and kept it for scrapbooking. The pic of Brian is crazy hair day the week before he had kinda long hair. Jaimins just get curly so it is way cute but he wanted it off. Now we have a houseful of bald boys.

K, last post for a while!

Well we are having our baby on Friday the 6th. I'll get some pics up just as soon as I can but give me a week or so. I just wanted to post a pic from a month ago and the one I took just yesterday. There isn't a ton of difference but it is kinda cool to look at. I wore the same thing so theres no questions on if clothes make you look different, I even did my hair the same, HAHA! What do you think, do I look different?

Last Minute Birthday Party

This is just a few pics of Jaimins and eighmeys birthday party. We had some family and friends over last Sunday to celebrate. We had yummy lasagna for dinner and cake and ice cream after. This is why I hate January birthdays:
#1 they just got tons of crap for Christmas, so then what the heck do you get them for their birthday?
#2 I just can't get excited about throwing a party 2 weeks after Christmas( it seems like we just had a big party then were having another)
But because I am a fair mom, and Brian and Trey always get a party and presents in October with their birthdays, I will just keep doing it for Jaimin and Eighmey. I will just be more prepared next year, maybe that s my prob.

Just a little late!

This is my tribute to Eighmey. She turned 3 two days after Jaimins birthday so I have been lazy getting her pics up cause 2 January birthdays are hard. I seriously hate having them right after Christmas and so close together. Oh well, enough complaining.
Eighmey was born January 12, 2006. She was my tiny baby weighing in at 7lbs 5 1/2oz, don't forget that half an ounce. I really wish they wouldn't have counted that half ounce. She was perfect, I felt great after having her I left the hospital the next day (that is good when having c-sections). She was and still is the spark in our home, she made Michael a softy, she makes me try to be better as a woman(she seriously can out do me in cleaning some days). She hasn't had to many crazy moments like Jaimin had, she has had to get like 3 stitches in her cheek once, other than that sometimes she acts tougher than my boys. She is a good mix of a girly girl and a tom boy.
Mike and I always talk and wonder what she will look like when she gets older, she is just so tiny still we wonder if she will have my height (probably). She doesn't at all have one ounce of fat on her so I know she didn't get that from me, I was a chunky toddler. She will just be unique I guess. Well Happy Birthday Eighmey, we love you (OUR PRINCESS).