Friday, May 22, 2009

Last day of school

Madden Again!

Madden sitting in his toy thingy, he sits and watches use play on the tramp.


Mike couldn't take the kids to fathers and sons cause he had to work early Saturday morning so we set up tent outside our house. We had a good time outside, we played cards and ate a bunch of snacks before bed.
Getting ready for bed

Eighmey striking a pose


Madden 3 months

Madden turned 3 months on the 6th of May. He is gettig so big. He started laughing out loud on May 2oth. I had been trying for like 2 weeks to get him to laugh and he was right on the edge, Papa Yarn came over and Madden laughed at hime so good. Papa kept making funny noises, Madden loved it. I love hearing their first laughs, it makes me see their individual personality so much. This pic is of Madden on his belly(I'm not sure where the eyes came from).
Bath time

Big eyes again( I don't know why the camera makes it look worse,
he has big eyes but not that BIG !)

(sorry about the nudeness, I didn't notice it till now)

Red Neck Bath Time

I bought a kiddy pool for the kids to cool down in on these hot summer days (I don't know why I say COOL off because they always want me to fill it up with HOT water), crazy kids.
So I decided after they had been playing in it to put bubble bath in it. (I didn't take a pic till after the bubbles were going away) They loved playing with bubbles and splashing in the water. They ask me everyday if I will fill it up.
There is a glare on the pics cause the sun was going down, sorry.

And that is why I names this post Red Neck Bath Time, like I would really make them bathe outside, wait I have before, I'll save that one for another time.

One Big Happy Family!

The Yarns got together before Larry and Molli left for S.C. We had fun riding a little dirt bike outside and eating hamburgers. The guys tried their hardest jumping the bike across this ramp they made. It was funny. The yarns now have 10 grand babies with non on the way (I think, Molli???????) :-)
left to right: Addison, Hailey, Baby Rylan, Brian, Baby Madden, Aiden, Eighmey, Trey, Baby Bryce, Jaimin.
Us girls with our babies.

The Yarn Barn

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late Shout Out To My Bro!

He knows I remembered him last Wednesday but I wanted to make an entry in my journal for my reference. This is my old school scrapbook page I made in the 1800's of my bro's baptism. I loved these 2 missionaries. Look how skinny my hubby(not my hubby then) and Brian were.HAHA I look like a zombie, "what was I thinking" is the only words I can think of right now.

So, 10 years ago May 6th, Brian was baptised. 2 months prior to him getting baptised was when I did and he was the last person I thought ever would. Even though we were good friends in school those days he still made fun of me telling me I was only doing it for my friends. I told him that I wasn't and told him he should check it out. He didn't care what I said but his friends did convince him to take the discussions. A very short time later he was baptised and hasn't slowed down since. He has been very faithful throughout the last 10 years. He served an honorable mission in New Jersey. He has fulfilled his callings. He was married in the Temple to his wife Azure and through her passing kept and gained so much faith. He has accomplished so much in life that I give credit to that one special day, May 6th, 1999. Without the Gospel in his life I am sure none of this would have been possible. I am grateful for his commitment and for helping me along the way too, he has been the strength in our family as other members have gotten baptised as well. Thanks Brian for all you have done, keep the strength, I love you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Bargains and My Big Boy

Well Kmart week killed me. All I could think about was Kmart, sick right, I know. I got so much stuff for so little. Some pics of my finds. I can't even make a list of it all cause it was sooo much. I can say I maybe spent a little over 100.00 and saved well over 500.00. I might have even saved more but I haven;t looked at my receipts yet.

I did a class for the ladies in my relief society so I set up a table for my first days finds. The other 2 pics are later that week

Brian decided he wanted to have his own room. I'm not sure why but he is the oldest and is pretty mature when it comes to certain things so we moved him in with Madden. Madden didn't use his crib up there much because he was still in his crib with me down stairs, but he has been sleeping so good lately I decided last night to put him up there. He did so good. I put him to bed about 9 and he woke up at 4:30. He has been pretty consistent in this so I think he might be officially up stairs. YEAH!!!! Now I just need to find Brian a matching bed spread for that room.

I forgot to post these pics forever ago. Madden was only 2 weeks old and I had Tiffany take some pics for me. He didn't really cooperate much but we got a few. Thanks Tiff.

Baseball already?

Baseball is here, Trey and Jaimin decided to play. This is their opening day pictures.
run Jaimin run!

Baseball bros

I also did a bake sale yesterday so all the little kids could get trophies this year. It was fun I think I will do it every year. Lots more highlights from this season to come I'm sure.

Eighmey, Eighmey, Eighmey

Eighmey loved her dress, well dresses. The Easter bunny actually got her 4 of them because she didn't find the one she liked till THIS one. It is 2 sizes too big so it would be long enough. Whats up with all the dresses being so dang short?

I had to post all the pics I had of her cause she kept making cute faces.

Suits for Easter

This is the boys in their suits
Jaimin is our heart breaker

Brian lookin' cool

Trey looking sophisticated.

My ladies men.

Easter baskets

The Easter bunny dropped by our home and left baskets full of candy and church clothes for the kids. (Oh yeah, Brian now knows there is no Easter bunny... which lead to no Santa... which lead to no tooth fairy, lepercons, etc.) Kinda made me sad cause he acted shocked so I asked him if he was sad, but he said no it was okay that he knew now. Madden with his Easter basket
Eighmey with hers (morning hair)

Jaimin loved his suit under his basket

Treys our clown

Brian mouth full of candy

Coloring eggs and egg hunt

My pictures are backwards but we colored eggs of course and then hid them in our house. It was cold by the time we got around the the hunt. We also live in nothing but dirt still so hiding outside is no good.Jaimin finding some in his room.
In the family room. crappy pic.

waiting in the bathroom while we hid them

coloring the 5 dozen eggs

next post has Easter baskets