Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Standing and 9 new posts

Madden stands. He tries so hard to keep balance now that he can stay up for a while now. He is too big :(

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Mashed Potatoes

I made some of the nasty potato pearl thingies one night and madden couldn't keep his eyes off them so I let him dig in. He was covered by the end and I swear he ate half the bowl full. I guess I know what he loves.


K, so I thought Madden was Jaimins twin when I first had him, now I'm not so sure. I think Madden may look more like Brian and Eighmey did. What do you thing? (come on all you blog stockers, leave a comment, I don't bite)

Too Big!

Madden is getting TOO BIG, TOO QUICK! He stands up on everything and as you can see on the pics is starting to let go. I guess he'll just be like all my other kids and be walking at 9 months, but dang stay little for a little please.

Sick of sick!

Madden got the flu bug for a couple of days last week. I hate when babies are sick :(
All he did was lay around and cry. Jaimin let him lay on him while I was getting ready to take him to the doc. I gave Jaimin dads fuzzy gloves to rub Mads tummy with and Madden fell asleep. Poor little guy, glad it's over now.

Jaimin & Soccer

Jaimins playing soccer this year. He is kinda shy out on the field for some reason. We keep telling him to act crazy like he does at home but for some reason he wont let loose. Maybe by the end of the season :) ( that kid in the pic is his friend Chase)

The many faces of Madden

Madden makes the cutest cheesy grin face now, we love it. Anytime he is wanting to be smiley he makes this face. We took him to get pics done yesterday and these crazy smiles were all over. He is so dang cute!


This is our pretty snack plate that "MOM" is so wonderful to make for us!(That is what my kids would say)
I must say, I do make awesome snack plates though. As you can see I just clean out the fridge and the pantry, arrange it nicely on a serving platter and serve it with napkins and toothpicks so they can poke all the snacks they want. We do this on those days that everyone wants a snack while watching a movie and I don't feel like taking orders, I just make a variety :)


I found another pic with all 5 of our kids, I tell ya they are hard to come by. As you can see here Jaimin (far right) didn't want to take a picture, the others just have their cheesy, done with picture smile. Gotta luv um!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update! (very long)

So I haven't updated in forever so this post is LONG!

During the summer we took a few trips to the "valley of the sun", we went to the B & B circus this trip. We didn't tell the kids where we were going till we got there, they were so surprised. My camera didn't take good pics of the show so this is all I got. Mike said it was fun but he wouldn't spend money on it again (?), whatever that means huh?

Madden got so big so fast. His personality is just so fun. Here he is trying out his johnny jumper, we got this when Brian was a baby.

Madden started sitting up during the football camp this year, he was 5 1/2 months here.

Family Reunion
At our family reunion this year the kids decided to run off and put their hands down some holes in the ground. Well thanks to brave Eighmey they caught 3 baby cotton tails. We went back to the hole where they found them and confirmed the mom was dead so we kept them. Needless to say they didn't live long, they needed their moms heat and lovin I'm sure.

The guys caught toads everyday and night and had contest with them, like who's would jump faster and further and what not. They were so dang big and gross!

Eighmey all scrubbed out and catching lizards

Eighmey... all dolled up one day for a Mother/Daughter dinner

Madden trying rice cereal, YUCK!
Trey lost another tooth, he also skinned his nose on a tree(long story)

Brian made a bird house for a scout project, he did a good job and is very proud of it.

Mike loves to play with Madden this way, Madden loves it to obviously :)

Brian got awards for scouts, he looks thrilled right?

Eighmey helping dad replace fuel pump in our car. She loves getting dirty, go figure my only girl tries to be a boy.

Madden likes taking baths in the sink, I made a mohawk out of bubbles. He's sooo cute!

Jungle Jims (Jeepers)
We always go to Jungle Jims when we go school clothes shopping. We have gone now for at least 5 years now and the kids will never let us stop (well maybe when they are older :) )

My grandma used to take me and my siblings to Jungle Jims so that is what I call it. I guess the name now is Jeepers. I still love all the rides there, anything to get me dizzy. The place isn't huge or anything, but fun for kids.My brother and mom dropped by this time because they happen to be down that way and my bro thought it was alot different from when we were growing up. To me it is the exact same!

1st Day of School

Finally got all my kids in the same pic

Trey has the same teacher as Brian did last year. I am so glad, she is the best ever seriously. Trey loves school, he is a hard worker most of the time and very easy going.
Trey and Mrs. Bentz 2nd grade

Brian has Mrs. Hamling for his 3rd grade. He likes school but is too smart for his britches. He thrives on challenges and is a social bug.
Brian and Mrs. Hamling
So this was June to August in a nutshell. I have more recent pics to post later. All is well!