Monday, October 26, 2009

Yesterday Trey was baptised. He was so excited and a little nervous. He said he thought he might drown, I wonder what goes through these kids heads?, do they think their own dad would just hold them under for a while or something? Kinda funny. Trey actually had to get dunked twice cause Mike added a couple of extra words to the prayer:) He told me afterwards that he knew it was wrong as he said it but there was no going back at that point :)

After the baptism we had everyone come to our house for yummy food. I made a cake very quickly that morning cause we were gonna celebrate the boys birthdays that day too. My older boys don't really like any certain themes that I could go with and make a cake from, so last second I just whipped up this(picture below). They like black and red so I just did that. The party was fun and the boys got some gifts so they were happy.

It was a good Sunday!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Who needs a good camera when your kids are freakin' GORGEOUS!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday B!

You are my biggest boy and how I enjoy you around. You help me with everything and without you here daily I probably wouldn't function.

I remember your birth story as well, it is a long one too so I will skip parts. We went to the hospital Thursday the 12th at 7am (we had to go get you turned but the doc thought that would make me go into labor so he induced me). Labor was started, I remember thinking in no time I would have a baby, Wrong! The doc broke my water early just to get everything going, long story short, nothing happened. 24 hours after my water was broken they told me because it didn't appear I was gonna have you anytime soon we needed to do a c- section to prevent infection. After a couple more hours of paperwork and prepping they did a c-section. I was so deathly afraid of needles so I told them to just knock me out for the procedure (I regret that now). Anyways, you were born at 9:05 p.m. on the 13th. It was Friday the 13th, kinda funny. You were so dang cute, you had the prettiest skin and a perfect round head. You were 7 lbs 14oz. 21in. long. I was still having a hard time coming to that I hardly remember holding you that night. We got home 3 days later and I couldn't put you down. You never cried and you ate so good. You were perfect!

Thank you Brian for choosing us as your parents and coming into our lives when you did. We are truly grateful to have your spirit in our home. People have made comments to me about how you have a special spirit with a special purpose, I can't wait to find out all the details behind that. We DO know you are special and I love you for that. Happy Birthday Babe!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey!

TREY!, what can I say about Trey! First off, Happy Birthday, I can't believe your EIGHT. I was just telling you yesterday on our way to your "special birthday" dinner how I was in the hospital at this very moment 8 years ago. That seems so long ago, yet just the other day. That got me thinking about your definitely hard labor/delivery.

You were due October 2nd, but because I didn't want another c-section we decided to wait till you came on your own. After weeks of doing anything possible to get you out the doctor said you had to come out this week no matter what. So, we went to the hospital on the 9th at 8 am. The labor was induced. I felt labor pains all day. Your dad and I slept that night at the hospital, I was barely dilated to a 2! We woke up and started the process again. After another full day of pain and agony I was still only to a 4, the doc asked me if I would PLEASE get an epidural so my body would relax and work. Michael made me! It was midnight by now and the epidural just kicked in. The doctor decided to break my water, now that I have an epidural it will all work, right? WRONG! 10 hours later I was still barely a 6. That is 50 hours after entering the hospital, at a WEEK overdue, I was still only at a 6!
I gave up then. The doc was telling us your heart beat was slowing down and that it looked like you were under stress, so we agreed upon a c-section. At 10:49 a.m. we had our "TEY TEY". You were 9 lbs 6 oz. Just the cutest fatest little guy ever. We didn't know your sex till you were born so were so excited to see ya. I remember being SO tired that after they let me kiss you and I knew dad was going to the nursery with you I CRASHED! I told Wendy that I was going to sleep now and to wake me in recovery. That is the story of my long, hard painful labor with you, Trey!
We are definitely glad to have Trey in our home. He is our sweety of the family. All the other kids want to play with Trey over anyone else. Trey would give up anything of his for anyone. Trey has always been our family clown. He could make you laugh when you want to cry. He had a big heart too. He was only 6 when Azure died and I remember sitting in his room with him 2 nights after she died and I told him something sweet Azure used to say about Trey. He started crying. I didn't think a 6 year old had so much emotion. Recently we were talking about Azure and he just says "Oh that makes me sad" in a way you could tell he was holding back tears. I love his soft heart. He always talks about our family that has past from this life with such excitement, and how happy he is to see them again one day.
Thank you Trey for being yoou sweet, soft, funny self. We love ya!