Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All aboard!

We took the kids to the Polar Express last week and we all loved it. This is pictures of the kids opening their gift in the car and changing into them (PJ's). We drove to Flagstaff and did some shopping earlier that day and told the kids that we had a surprise but they never would have guessed.

It was funny cause the night before we went we had them watch the movie The Polar Express, and after the watched it I kinda asked them some questions and Jaimin said he would be so embarrassed to go out in public with his PJ's. That kinda scared me thinking he would fight me to wear his jammas. Anyways, after the kids dressed in the car we started walking toward the building and the boys started talking about the movie and saying they were embarrassed to have their jammas on in public. I told them they were fine and they still didn't have a clue what we were doing. We sat in the Polar room where the kids colored and stuff for about 30 min, they never really even asked questions, they just made comments about everyone elses jammas. To make this long story a little shorter, we were standing in line, after probably almost an hour of hanging around, and we finally told the kids what we were doing. They were so shocked. (pics of in the car below)

Pics of us hanging around before ride.

Pics of in the train

They got hot cocoa and cookies while we listened to the Polar Express story on the way to the North Pole (30 Min. Ride). On the way back we sang Christmas songs and waited for Santa to come. BACKUP: Santa was at the North Pole, but when we started going backwards towards the station Santa was gone, then they told us they got word that Santa was on the train, Eighmey said Santa "poofed" on the train. Santa gave the kids a jingle bell. They loved it. Madden even was all smiles when Santa came and handed him his bell. We had a really good, maybe we'll go again ;)

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The Tree

Madden loves looking at and touching the tree, he has now learned how to say the word "NO" because we have to say it so much when he's around the tree.

Madden grabbing stuff on the tree

All the kdis by the tree, Jaimin (far right) is gonna give me gray hair I swear, he can't just take 1 nice picture for me.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Tree and Eighmeys hair and 4 new posts

We set up the tree finally, we didn't get it done we just set it up. So here is a pic of our family(minus me) by the not so done tree.

I had Eighmeys hair cut, she only took off like an inch or 2 but it seems alot shorter now to me. This is her hair before we cut it just so I could remember how long it was. Haven't got after pics yet.

Madden likes to ride daddy like a horsey. This is him when he was getting tired of it.

Cute ol' Madden

Gettin' big!

Madden is now 10 months old (in 4 days) and is getting so big. He still seems like such a baby to me so it kinda amazes me some of the stuff he does even though my other kids did it even faster than him. Here he is crying cause he got sad.Here he is walking to me, he does okay. He took his 1st steps like 1 week after his 9 month mark but just hasn't got it down yet. Note: 3 of my other children took their first steps right at 9 months and by 10 months walk dang good, except Jaimin he took his 1st at 8 months and by 9 months was a pro. So Madden is just a little bit slower with walking but is doing fine (it is probably cause he doesn't have much furniture to walk back and forth from to practice is my guess). He takes about 5 steps real good and gets off balanced except yesterday I let him just go and he knew dad was in the other room so he concentrated really well and took like 15 steps till he got there, it was cute.

Madden walked over to me

Madden walking over to me
All I know is he is too dang big. As for the other things he does that are cute *He starts to clap when you sing patty cake to him. *He dances and bounces anytime you turn on music no matter where he is. The other day driving somewhere he was in his car seat facing backwards of course and one of the Black Eyed Peas songs came on and he immediately started to bounce in his car seat, his feet were hitting the seat and his head was bobbing up and down, had to be there I guess but way cute. *He gives kisses if you ask. *He gives fives when you ask. *He listens when you say "no Madden" or "come here". *He knows when you are playing with him like chasing him or when Mike changes his diaper Mike always tells him to stay but somehow he knows Mike is kidding so he turns around real quick and crawls away, even if he is naked. *He plays peek-a-boo using a blanket to cover and uncover his face. * And my favorite, he loves my silky garments so I have made him his own "nie nie" is what we call them, he can't sleep good without it. On and on I guess but needless to say we are having fun with him.

Eighmey's smooth moves????

So Eighmey likes to dance ( apparently she likes to make faces for the camera too).Here she is posing for me in her cute girly stance
Here she is shaking those hips, (she scares me for when she is 14-16 thats all I got to say)

breakin' it down

not sure

And obviously she watches WAY to much Michael Jackson :)