Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Party!!

We had Jaimin and Eighmeys birthday party today. They had their little friends come so it was really fun. It was fun to watch them play musical chairs. They ate up my beautiful cakes:), and ate pizza.

This is Eighmeys cake, I liked how it turned out, being the first time I have ever done anything with fondant, I thought it was okay. I definitely would have done things different but I have years of bdays to practice.

This is Jaimins cake, he walked in the kitchen after I had it done and said it was perfect so I think he liked it.

Posted by PicasaSo it was another successful bday and I must say cake making too, until next year :)

Baskeball time!

Brian after his b-ball game

Brian is in the gray shorts, he was very scared here (it was his first game). His second game he did much better and wasnt so nervous. In Taylor/Snowflake they start city league basketball in 3rd grade. We love it cause watching these kids they are as good if not better then the 7th graders Mike used to coach in Heber cause it was the first year for them too. We are so happy that our kids can have this experience so young in life. Mike really hopes Brian likes it and keeps going with it. Mike loves Basketball, he needs a baller boy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Eighmey!!!

K, I feel like I am repeating myself but I can't leave Eighmey out. She turned 4 on the 12th and I've been too busy to post yet but here it is. I can't believe she is 4! That just seems like such a big number to me. She does act like she is 16 so I can't be too surprised but still. I remember bringing her home on the 13th from the hospital. She wasn't even 36 hours old. She was so precious. She was my smallest baby at 7 lbs 5 1/2 oz. She was sooo cute. She still is very small, she only weighs 30 lbs, maybe 31 these days. Her personality is awesome, I love it. She is kinda shy at first around people but when she opens up you usually can't get her to stop talking but she is so smart I could listen to her for hours. She loves singing, she does this little walk and shakes her booty when she walks away from you,(yes it scares me for her teenage years). I just love watching her grow. She is the only girl (and probably always will be) so she is spoiled but I can't say rotten cause she is very understanding and polite if I tell her she can't have something (most of the time). I know all this won't last long when dealing with a girl but I am hoping for the best.
Birth story (for record): We went to the hospital at 5 or so in the morn to get prepped for c-section. By the time they got her out it was 7:53 a.m. All went well, she did have a small scratch on the top of her head (I think they said she got it when they were cutting her out or cutting umbilical cord, not sure). She had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice so they couldn't get her out till they unwound it. She was in my belly screaming because she had her little face sticking out of my belly but they didn't have any slack to pull her out with that cord around her so she was able to start breathing and started screaming. Mike left with her and while in the nursery they noticed a small birth mark on her thigh, they told Mike "she came with that", I guess so they don't get accused of anything. I finally got out of recovery and they said the rooms were full so I had to share rooms, I knew my friend Tiffani Owens was in there with her baby boy so I asked to be with her. I thought it was fun cause I didn't have to feel awkward around her. Mike had to leave to take care of the kids in between babysitters so I had to ask Ross a couple of times for things. He was taking care of 2 mommies and babies, haha. Anyways, I got really antsy so I asked if I could leave, they told me no cause I had a c-section and it had only been 24 hours but I finally won. That afternoon they decided to let me go because there were so many people there. We were home at last. Eighmeys pregnancy was pretty easy, I wish I had more of them. I only gained like 22 lbs instead of the normal 30. I left the hospital in my pre-pregnancy pants and shirt( I didn't look hot but they fit). I have pics of 2 weeks after having her where I am wearing a skirt I can't even fit into now or anytime after I had Madden. Oh the good ol' days. Why can't they all be easy??
Anyways, HAPPY BIRTDAY EIGHHEY, we love you. Remember your my best friend and daddy's little princess, oh and our squirrely.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaimin!!!


Jaimin's birthday was January 1oth. He is now 6! I can't believe he is 6. He seems so big to me yet I always think of him as my baby boy.
I sat at the dinner table Sunday night and told the kids what I was doing that very night 6 years ago. I remember clearly I was planning my c-section for the 16th but on the 9th contractions started. It scared me because I didn't want to go through what I did with the last delivery.(details in Treys birthday post in Oct.) So I called Wendy and she called me in a prescription to stop contractions for the week. After taking them for just a few hours I realized I could not do this for a week, they made me crazy. I was jittery and they made me feel sick. So I called Wendy again and she was able to set everything up for the morning. All night I cleaned and got ready for a trip to the hospital. I had to get last minute babysitters, it was a long night. I remember getting like 3 to 4 hours of sleep if that. We left about 8ish I believe that morn to get to the hospital. All went well and Jaimin was born at 10:49. He was 8 lbs 5 oz. He grew very fast and was my fatest baby. He had the cutest cheeks, he still has them but they fit his body much better. Jaimin is a special spirit, he definitely has brought and still bring alot to this family. He is the child that challenges us everyday but he is a challenge worth taking. We love you J!

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