Friday, February 26, 2010

10 years baby!

Well, today is our BIG 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I am embarrassed to show this picture cause we look so young and I not so good :) But the truth is, we were what we were, and we are what we are so I'll show it anyway.

February 26th, 2000

I hardly remember much from that day, it was all a big blur.
It was a happy blur, but a blur. I remember my friends Rikki and Shana doing my hair and makeup at my house; being at the church; and looking at all the people that were there. I don't remember who all was there though, I read over the sign in book every now and again when I come across it and I didn't even have a clue half of them came. It is just crazy how full your head is when going through such a special time in your life that you can't even absorb anything else.

Michael and I always reminisce about the little yellow banana trailer we went home to that night. We thought it was awesome to have our own place. It is just so funny to look back cause the carpet smelled like pee, the roofed leaked, it was dirty as heck, and very spider infested. I remember hanging my clothes out to dry one late afternoon but they weren't quite dry before bed so I left them for the morning, in the morning I got up and got the clothes down, as I was folding them I saw spider eggs in my undies. Talk about never hanging laundry outside at this house again. We moved out of this house 5 months later when the roof started leaking so bad we just weren't gonna do it anymore.

We had the best memories at this house too. We played battle on Nintendo every night it seemed. We watched movies in each others arms and had romantic candle lite dinners all the time. ( you can do those things every night when you don't have kids) I loved those times with that man.

Now I have other reasons to love "these" times with "this" man.

He still loves watching movies but now we involve our 5 beautiful children whom adore this man. We still battle on Nintendo (yes the same system even) but now our kids kick our butts at it. We still light candles at dinner time but mostly to get rid of the yummy kid/ diaper smell that likes to linger in our home (comes with the territory I guess), and sometimes we light them for one of the 7 birthdays we get to celebrate every year.

I guess what it all boils down to is, I fell in love with this man when he was a hot, fully haired, awesome kid. Since then he is still smokin' hot but has gone bald, and grown up from a kid to a man, to a father. We have grown up together, learning as we go, wondering some days how we are ever going to raise these spirits God has blessed us with to their fullest potential. But, we have done it together. We never make decisions without one another. We are in it together, forever! My thoughts may be all over the place, for this I am sorry. I just want Michael and my prosperity to know how much I love and appreciate Michael Dean Yarn. I want them to know what a perfect father he is. He is always there for them and if he can help it he never misses anything of theirs. I seriously could never do it without him, I am not the single mom type of woman. Call me needy but YES, I need him, I need my husband. I am grateful for how strong of a man he is. I am grateful for how hard he works for and worries about his family. This past couple years have been tough with having our own business and all but Mike never gives up, he keeps on going. I love that. I love his attitude about it, he says "as long as we are together as a family we will be fine". It has helped me realize alot. I have been humbled through his words.

So here is to the next 10 years, hope they bring us as much fun and happiness as the past 10 did. I'm sure they will :)

Happy Anniversary Dean, I love you from here to eternity!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Madden's bday party

Well I finally squeezed a cake in before Mike had to go to the valley to work again. Between that schedule and us moving, this past 2 weeks has been a little crazy. Here is Madden's BALL cake. He loves balls so that's all I could think to make. It didn't turn out like I had hoped but it wasn't like I cared at that point. I had been trying to do this cake forever it felt like so something was better then nothing.

Madden got 3 shots earlier that day so he didn't really care either. And, NO, he didn't blow out his own candles. I had 2 extra weeks to work with him and I never made it that far. Well. I lied, I got him to blow out of a straw but as for just putting your lips together and blowing it wasn't happening.

I guess I taught my kid to be a clean freak while eating cause he didn't want to grab it with his hands :) He just kept bending over and biting it.

And I gave him a spoon with his ice cream, he liked that.

He got a blue bouncy ball cause he loves balls so much. I don't know if he didn't want to unwrap it at first or if he thought it was a colorful ball or something. He just played with it with the wrapping on for a little.

I finally took the paper off so he could see what was inside, no surprise really.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today as I sit here somewhat alone, I think back to a family that has been on my mind this past week. I don't know this family, never spoke to nor have I seen them. They are a family I feel grateful to have "known" through the blogging world. ( )Read the story: This mom made one simple mistake, a mistake all of us moms make, we worry too much on the small things. We let time slip away from our hands, we let our busy schedules consume us. The difference between this mom and most of us is the consequences we get in return, we may find our kids just into the cupboards making messes with you name it, food, dishes, toilet paper, and yes even cleaning supplies (I am guilty of all), but we rarely walk into the bathroom and find our child has drowned. I do not point this out for blame, I point this out because of shame, shame I have in my heart to think I have made this same mistake and have been blessed thus far to ONLY walk into the small messes that you can simply clean up and move on with your day. Never do you think your life could change that quick, that you, like this mom, would have to leave your home in a matter of minutes to sit and sleep for days in a hospital waiting and praying for the news you hope for.
I was on edge as I returned to this families blog everyday to see how their little 16 month old boy was doing (4 months older than my baby). The first few days look grim, I cried as I sat on the other side of the computer saying a small prayer in my heart that this babies sweet spirit would return to his family. As a few more days passed and I checked on them I learned his condition was better but they still needed a miracle. Finally Thursday they announced they are going home, their baby boy made it, he was whole. My heart just burned. I don't even know this family, why did I care so much? That brings me to today, my heart is full.

I am grateful for my Heavenly Father, I am grateful for His plan, the blessing of knowing He is real and He loves me, that He answers prayers, even when your not so diligent He still cares and would never turn His back. I am grateful for my family, for my rock of a husband, for our 5 beautiful healthy children. I am grateful for those few close calls our family has had that ended safely, even though we might not have thought much of it at the time I know Heavenly Father was there to catch our fall. I pray I have more patience with my kids and cherish more moments with them. I am not a perfect mother, but through our Savior I know I can improve daily.

I am grateful families can be together forever, no matter what path this earth life way lead us, we still have family and they are ETERNAL!

Now go hug your babies, I know I will :)

My eternal family

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another trial cake

I made a bday cake for Eighmey's boyfriend, I mean my friends son :) (She says she is going to marry him when they are older) He was so excited to pick what kind of cake he wanted so I was sure to bring his dreams to life.(don't know if I would go that far)I really enjoy making cakes, especially with fondant but I still haven't got the swing of it. I think I do okay with just quickly bday cakes but for any other occasion I think I would be scared out of my mind.
So here are the pics of it. I am going to find a class to sign up for to teach me some better skills so hopefully that will help.
All in all I still think it was pretty good and my friend and her boy especially loved it so that's good. I am going to try to squeeze Maddens cake in this weekend. Wish me luck cause when I say squeeze I mean SQUEEZE!

Monday, February 8, 2010

This is Mikes new puppy, his name is Sampson, he is a pit bull. He is Punch's pup (our old pit bull). I hate dogs, just for the record!

This is all about Madden, here are lots of pics through the past year. Yes I said YEAR, he turned 1 year old on Saturday. I can't believe it has been a year, I know I say that even if it is 7 years. It is just something moms do I guess.
Madden is such a good, fun baby. He has been sleeping through the night since he was 31/2 - 4 months old. That has been awesome. I never have used a monitor or anything cause his schedule is so perfect and he just sleeps from about 7 to 7. Madden has a cute personality, he will just run over to me or Mike and hug our legs and give us kisses.
I remember when my oldest was this age he was so smart and knew so many things like pointing to body parts and holding up his finger when we asked him how old he was, on and on. So I have tried to teach all my kids as much as I can and I was beginning to think I was falling short with Maddy, but I think he is doing pretty well for not having my full attention all the time like Brian did. He doesn't blow air when we ask him yet(he only did through a straw), but that is important for blowing your candles out on your 1st bday right? He doesn't hold up his finger when I ask him how old he is yet, (I have pics of all my kids doing this by their birthday cake, so it's kinda important too). Those are my failures BUT, what he does do: He says uh oh, dada, mama, no, here, yeah and ball(kinda). He spins roundy round which is so cute, he dances which is even cuter. He tries to poke his food with a fork, he points to our nose and mouth and ears and bellybuttons.He goes and gets his diapers and wipes when I ask him too, he loves to help clean up. He does so much, everyday he is getting so much smarter.
One funny story: the other day I got him naked to jump in the shower with me and while I turned around to take my clothes off he peed on my shower mat. He was looking down and kinda around/over his big belly to see what caused the wet mess.When I asked him what he did he looked down at his peepee and smiled really big. It was cute, like he never knew it was there or something.
I let him run around naked sometimes while changing his diaper just so he can air out a little and I found him looking around/over his belly again and just smiling at his parts again. His smile is almost like an embarrassed smile, he just is so giddy at what he found down there.

He got his big boy car seat on Saturday as well, now he can see where we are going. He liked it alot.

He also tried dipping taters in ketchup by himself. That is still a little messy but sure cute. He loves ketchup, he just sucks on it and re dips and never even bites the tater, just keeps sucking.

We didn't have a bday party yet. (prob this weekend) So stay tuned for pics of Madden getting his first handful of cake :)

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Yarn Family

This past week we got to get together as the Whole Yarn family. We haven't been all together since Chancy left for his mission in August 2007 and since then our family has had 4 new babies and 2 marriages.

We ate and played games together through the week

The kids played with their cousins, they are all getting so big

It is sad to see the family go home unsure of when we will all be together again. I guess that is just what happens when your family grows. It was nice to see Larry's family and their new baby girl Alli. The next time we will see her she will be crawling, time flies! (I tried to post another pic of Molli with baby Alli but it didn't pop up).