Friday, April 16, 2010

My blog book, 3 new posts

I got my blog book in the mail the other day. I love it. Best money I ever spent for sure. I love it cause now in the future when I can actually go back and scrapbook all these pics and events I can use this book as a guide to remember the feelings we had and things that were said. This may not be useful to some but I have realized how much I have forgotten about the pics I take,(and seems I won't get around to scrapbookin' anytime soon), I need this book. I plan on printing one every year, so happy!It is just like a year book, very nice quality. Next year I will make sure every page is how I want it cause the pictures sometimes don't place exactly like your blog. I was just n a hurry this year.
Oh yeah, by the way, we only have 5 weeks till we meet our new addition, I might add, I will be soooo ridiculously happy when "it's" out.

Madden loves sleeping with his "nie nie".(it is a piece of my silky) I had to get a
pic cause he was hugging it so tight , I just love it.
Like all the drool on the pillowcase? :) Don't worry I washed it.

Crazy J!

Jaimin took his jammies and wrapped them up around him and this is what we got!
Crazy Child!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Crazy kids

This is out of order from the other posts but I had to ad what goofs my kids are. Jaimin likes to suck his nose in and hold it. It was so thin every time he did it so I started taking pics but then it didn't look the same in the pic. It looks like a weird cabbage patch kids nose. Eighmey tried it on for size too. Looks pretty funny if you ask me.

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Easter, Easter, Easter!

First, we colored eggs on Saturday night. Madden kept grabbing the eggs and throwing them so I guess we will just have to see if he can handle coloring them next year. In a couple of the below pics Madden has a sticker on his nose, I didn't get a great pic but it was cute cause he went cross eyed to look at it and he couldn't figure out how to grab it he just kept rubbing his face.

Sunday morning the kids woke up to find Easter baskets. Madden tried eating all his candy first thing, wait so did all the other kids :) The Easter bunny didn't do grass this year he did this confetti stuff that looked fun (and it was cheaper ;) It was all over the place. Not such a good idea, we are still vacuuming it up.

Then in between conferences we had an indoor (again) egg hunt. Madden just kept dragging his basket around and breaking all the eggs.

I liked Easter being on conference weekend this year. We didn't have to get all pretty, we were just lazy around the house as a fam. Eighmey didn't even get an Easter dress cause I just didn't care, ha! We had a yummy dinner, played games and took naps.

The talks from conference were awesome. All the talks about raising our little ones makes me excited and greatful to be a mom, yet scared for my children. I pray Mike ad I can be better parents and continue to teach our kids the gospel.
We went to the Easter Pageant this year. We thought it would be good for the kids so they can SEE the story of Easter rather then us explain it every year like we do and it still doesn't all quiet stick :) We had pretty good seats so in the end I took a couple quick pics.

Eighmey was the only kid who got a pic with an actor cause the boys all left for the bathroom and took forever getting back.

We had a fun time. We got there a couple hours early so we made subs and ate them there. Everyone else was bringing little ceasers pizzas while I was making this huge sub on my lap, I say pizza next year :)

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Pinewood Derby time

The boys had the derby this past week. Once again we started WAY too late on their cars so they are kinda plain but they still liked them and had fun. Here is a bunch of pics of the boys racing their cars.

Brian and Trey had to race each other only once. Their cars weighed almost the same amount but were cut different. Brian won the race between them.

This is Brian and Trey picking up their cars after their race. Brian took 1st between them. Overall Brian took 6th (I think) and Trey took like 9th. Brian got runner up for show so if one of the other 3 boys don't get to go to district then he will, he is excited :)The whole group got root beers for participating.

We had one more fun day before heading back to school from Spring Break. We headed to good ol' Showlow to go bowling. We haven't bowled in so long we thought it would be fun now that our kids are getting bigger and can hold the ball themselves.
Brian and Trey kept swinging the ball sideways and lobbing the ball for some reason. Jaimin got a spare or an 8 every time. Eighmey started off getting strikes but ended not so well :) It was so cute cause her ball went soooo slow but it stayed in the middle so it ended up knocking all the pins down. Mike and I had fun trying to kick each others butts but in the end Mike won only by 10 points, Jaimin followed, then me under Jaimin by 10 points, then Trey, Eighmey and Brian. It was a fun game for sure.
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After bowling we ate some yummy mexican food and while we were there we decided to hit a movie as well. We watched Alice in Wonderland. I fell asleep so I don't know if it was a good movie or not but they liked it :)


We went swimming on our first day of Spring Break. I only got pictures of Madden cause he was just so cute in the water. Madden has always loved water so much.

He loves splashing in the water

Mike got a kick out of him splashing all over he place

Just chillin'

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Buff Madden

Madden likes to watch his dad work out and lift weights
He kept trying to lift the heavier weights and would get so mad that he couldn't lift them so we gave him some of his own

They are 2.5 lb weights. He wouldn't stand still for a pic but it is so cute cause he will lift them high and make a grunting noise like his daddy.

This is how he starts his lifting stance. Then his arms extend up real high as he strains. He actually is pretty buff for a little guy. He is gonna give Jaimin a run for his money I am betting.