Monday, May 24, 2010


Ashton Bentley Yarn

8lbs 6oz 20 1/2in.

12:57 p.m.


Warning: long and boring, for my journal entry mainly: As I said in a post before, at 6:00 we would be at the hospital, at 7:30 start surgery...blah blah blah....well we got there at 6 and they started all the stuff; paperwork, blood work...then my nurse came back in and said they might have to postpone my surgery cause they might need the room for an emergency c-section if this lady couldn't get her baby out. Totally understandable, we were ok with that. Then they said noon, we weren't so sure we could wait THAT long :) But we did anyway.

Sitting there for those extra 5 hours started to make me panic. I had these leg things on and the monitors on my belly, my room was getting hot, I wanted to rip it all off and cry. Mike calmed me down just as the nurse came in and said lets go. We all walked into the surgery room, which is new to me cause they used to do them down stairs in the O.R. now they have their own c-section surgery room in the O.B. Dept, they told me to sit on the operating table and wait for Dr. Tindall to get there. From that point it all happened so quick.

Mike was standing on the outside of the room looking through a window until it was time for him to come in. Meanwhile I was getting my spinal and getting all scrubbed up and ready. I started to panic again cause the numbing was so extreme I could hardly feel myself breathing. I asked if Mike could come in, they allowed him even though they weren't quiet ready. If my legs had any feeling in them I may have just ran away at that point, I was getting so claustrophobic. Just Mike coming in, rubbing my head and holding my hand made it all go away. All of a sudden the extreme numbing became so comfortable. I just layed there waiting to hear the baby cry.

The talk of the baby's gender was filling the room, everyone was asking what we wanted and what we had. Mike and I knew in our hearts we were going to have another boy so we talked about that a lot. Finally doc got the babies head out, Mike said it looked just like Madden. They got the body out and confirmed it was a boy. I was crying and Mike jokingly asked if I was crying cause it was a boy :) Of course not, I was crying cause I finally got to see and hear my baby.

Mike left with the baby and I went to loo loo land till they wheeled me to my room.

It was nice this time, because of all the new stuff at the hospital you actually get to recover in your room while the baby lays right there, so I got to be with my baby a lot quicker then before.

Because they used something different or maybe a different dosage (not sure) in my anaesthesia this time i was so loopy for the rest of the day. I have never been like that before but it felt really good. Just recently now I can remember talking to people on the phone and I have no idea what was said, so sorry if you are one of them :)

Everything went good, baby is super healthy, mom feels great:) I just love this little new guy. He is such a good baby already. Never spits up, never cries, sleeps great. I feel so grateful to be blessed with such a good baby cause Madden has started acting a little different now that all the attention isn't on him all the time. Mike and I talk about it a lot and if one of us has the baby then the other one tries to have Madden so he will still feel special.

When I nurse Ashton, Madden will just kiss his head like a billion times so I know Madden loves him, that makes me feel better.

Ashton laying on dads lap before we left the hospital

The only pic of all 3 of us at the hospital

Ready to leave

Eighmey holding Ashton for the first time. She was so excited to see him finally.

The first picture of all 6 of our kids. 5/23/10

Saturday, May 22, 2010

HE'S here!

That's right, I said HE. We got ourselves another cute Yarn BOY. He looks like Maddens twin. I am happy Madden gets a little brother, especially one that looks so much like him.
He was 8lb 6 oz, 20 1/2 in long. I will post the birth story later. Here are a few pics from yesterday.
Grandma and Grandpa Starkes
Last pic of myself being prego

Mike and I laying on the bed waiting for surgery.

Our newest Yarn boy.

This looks alot like Madden, I'll have to post
pics of Madden later to compare.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


??????????, this is what my mind feels like today.
We will be leaving our house tomorrow at 5:15 a.m. to get to the hospital by 6, to sit around and get prepped till about 7:15, to start surgery at 7:30, to see my baby's' face at about 7:50, to say goodbye to my baby till about 9:30 when I can be in my room holding "IT", eating every second of it up!
Even though I feel I am not completely "ready" and my mind is kinda blank, I still am so ready and way excited to get this over with tomorrow.
I know every parent says this and I have said it 5 other times, but I just can't imagine another little baby around here. It is weird cause as normal as it feels to have a baby (at least in this house), it still flips your life upside down for awhile. What isn't weird is the love you already have for a baby growing inside you, the second you see it's face your heart melts. I just love that feeling.
Well my mind went blank and I have lots to do in the next 12 hours so I will part.
Oh, I have to post one more thing so we can always remember this:
Eighmey was helping me go through all our baby clothes the other day and she said in her little 4 year old voice, "Oh this is making me so esscited, I hope it's a gril" {Italics is the way she said it}
Then yesterday I had her help me pack a boy diaper bag and a girl one and she said, "Oh, I am so esscited, I can't wait for the baby to be here, I just want to squeeze it, and rip it out with my CLAWS" {CLAWS she said in a very deep voice, also she knows the doctor has to cut me open, so I think that is why she would say something like that}
Anyway, she is a funny bunny, always saying something that cracks us up.
Until tomorrow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twins/ 5 new posts

Madden and Jaimin have matching suites for church. Madden just barely got to wear his today cause it has been too big for him. You could tell by the way he walked around that he knew he looked so dang cute in it.

Here's Madden and Jaimin walking out the door for church

I wish I would have gotten a better pic of Madden but he pretty much hates the camera or standing still when I ask him too :)

Baby Blues

I guess Madden hasn't grew into his eyes yet. They are just so dang big and blue, and look at those eye lashes. You just don't see this much on a 14 month old BOY.
He just melts our hearts, we have so much fun with his sweet personality
Madden likes giving his cheesy smiles too, gotta love this guy.

Brian had a piano recital at schhol on Thursday. They asked any kids taking lessons if they would perform in a recital and Brian loves showing off his skills so he signed up.
Brian did a good job, he told me after that he messed up once but just kept going, I couldn't even tell.
Earlier that week he had a more formal recital at the church with his teacher and the other students. He just loves his teacher, Rinda Hancock, she says she likes him alot too.

Brian playing his song

Brian does really good at the piano, he has been playing for a little less then the school year but he has caught on great. He has a natual talent for it and I hope he sticks to it.

Homemade Train

Mike made a train for the kids on afternoon. I didn't know what Eighmey was talking about when she ran in the house telling me she needed to get something so she could ride "the train". I blew it off and was like, oh okay. Then Mike called me and said I needed to come out and see what he did. This is what he came up with.He hooked 2 radio flyers to his dads tractor/lawn mower thingy. He took the kids up and down the road and all over the yard.

Madden loves being outside and riding in his wagon

These 2 had fun too :)
Eighmey sat on dads lap. Here they are stopped so I could snap a quick pic.

Bath time buddies

Bryce, the kids' cousin, stayed with us for a few days so Madden and him became buds.One morning they ate lots of fruit and got way sticky so I threw them in the bath, they had a good time playing with the toys and splashing at each other

These 2 are 5 months apart, Bryce born in Sept. 08 and Madden in Feb. 09, there is a pound/pound in a half difference, and about 1 inch height difference. Madden takes both those claims. While Bryce was here we kept saying Bryce will teach Madden how to not be so shy (cause Bryce isn't shy AT ALL), and Madden would teach Bryce how to eat (cause Madden eats anything and Bryce is a little picky)