Thursday, July 8, 2010


While I was away Mike buzzed all my bigger boys' heads. Mike missed the strip down the middle on Brian :) I guess he just needed something crazy before he had to chop it all off for school

Madden got his first cut, we only know how to buzz it, or pay someone else to cut it but we end up not liking it and buzzing it anyways. Madden hated it so much he was screaming crying and his nose started to run, yuck!

More of him HATING it!

Then I got him a otter pop, that worked :)

And of course I only got an after picture, I bet you can see how his hair looked before by just looking through my blog, sure a cutie though.

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Ashton is getting so big (even bigger now since I am behind on my blogging). This is Ashton at 1 month, he went to the doc and weighed 10lbs (1lb 10oz gain) and he had grown 2 inches. I took a pic of him next to Madden's baby so I would see his growth every month (but I forgot to take a pic at his 2 month mark, so there goes that idea :)

This is him and daddy in the car waiting for something (can't remember). I just love when they hold their heads up, they make such a cute face.

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Family reunion

I keep forgetting to take pictures when we are places but I did get a pic of THIS. This is Jaimins splinter he got while playing/ sliding on an old piece of plywood. It was so deep, he cried like a baby, (not really).

This is Madden and Bryce, they wanted to be pulled around in this wagon ALL DAY! They were so cute thought, covered from head to toe in dirt. Gotta love boys and dirt

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Ashton's First Bath

Finally his belly button thingy fell off so I could clean the stinky boy :)He wasn't very happy to say the least
I have to be in some pics sometime, right?

Dang, his bellybutton looks funny here

Finally enjoying it!

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Memory Lane/ valley trip

I took a quick drive down memory lane last month, Mike had work to do about 5 miles away from here so we waited while we drove around (me and the kids). This is where I grew up, 737 E. Carol Ave, Phoenix, Az......The house has changed alot, but it still has the same mailbox we checked our mail at out front, it still has the same tall palm tree, the same concrete driveway we used to skate on. It brought back alot of memories. The orange building {Do drop inn} was/is a bar just down our road, we used to be too scared to walk by it fearing a drunk would take ius away. I enjoyed the days living in that neighborhood, taught me how to grow up.

We went to the valley that weekend for Mandy and Andrews house warming party. Here is Mike and Madden chowing down.

I didn't get too many pics that weekend, but we had lots of fun swimming, working, shopping, visiting. :)

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This is what you get when your kid sticks a potato
in your 50lb bag of flour over 5 months ago.
Posted by PicasaIt scared the crap out of me, I reached my hand into the bag and felt something funny. I yelled for help and my father-in-law came and pulled it out for me. All I could say was GROSS!
{I know it was 5 months ago or more because I used to keep the potatoes next to the flour then}

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kidney Stones :(

On Sunday, during Sunday School, I felt a pain in my lower back which was getting sharper and sharper. I told Mike it felt like my kidney stones again (haven't had a problem since December 07). Mike took me home where it got worse and worse for the next about 2 hours. Finally Gpa got home with our kids and him and Mike gave me a blessing. The pain went away about 30 minutes later. It was great, I felt the Lord answered that prayer so quick, I was so blessed.
I felt fine after that till Tuesday, that night they came back just as painful as ever. Then after some pain med and a heating pad the pain went away.
This leads us to Thursday, now the pain isn't just in my kidney, it is in my tract area (not sure how to say this), you know, where you pee? That pain is pretty uncomfortable, it feels like you have to pee ALL DAY, and every time you try, NOTHING!!
Anyways, this leads us to Friday, all day I feel the same pain, this time worse, they are attacking me again. Finally after drinking lots of water and a shot of lemon juice and olive oil, at 11:00p.m. I went to the bathroom and saw this in the toilet. I wasn't gonna get it out but my doc says they want to analyze them so I know what they are made out of so I know what I can quit eating. Here is a pic of it next to a penny.

Hopefully this can be the end of these annoying things, good news is everyone says how painful they are to pass and I can't even feel it, weird maybe???