Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 2- January 2011

Well to say the least week 2 has been quit a headache so far and we still have 1 more day.
It started well actually, Jaimin turned 7 and got whatever he wanted that day to eat. I made German pancakes for breakfast and steak for dinner. For lunch dad tried to take him to DQ but they don't open till 11 so they went to circle K. He took cupcakes to school (no pic)

Then the next day Mike had to head up to Wyoming. Him and Eighmey picked Grandma Parrack up at 6:30am and headed out. They went the Page way to get there. Mike called a few times to tell me where they were and to tell me how they were doing on time. I can't remember what time he called to tell me that he would be there in a hour and half or so, but it wasnt 15 minutes later he called and said, "Brandi, I have to tell you something but just stay calm." Thats when I knew it wasn't good news.

He then told me he hit an elk and gave me details of the damages and whatnot. I could hear Grandma in the back round saying, "the car wont start". I was pretty scared. He said they had been hit by glass from the windshield and there was blood, but they were fine. Eighmey was still crying in the back so I kept asking if she was ok, she was fine, not even a scratch. The police came and Tonya came to pick them up so all was well after that.....Right! Wrong!

So that night was hard to sleep, I didn't have lots of details and I had no idea how to get them home. We only have liability on that car so nothing would be covered; towing, rental, glass. nothing.

So the next day I go to work and Mike goes to his interview. While I was at work I had a major meltdown. You see the night before my first reaction was more on the anger/frustrated side. I was grateful it wasn't worse but my anger still haunted me. I asked my mother-in-law on the phone (who actually called Mike right when it happened, so she was freaking out bad), should I be mad or grateful? Of course I knew the answer but I was falling short in my faith I guess. I said to her, we pray for safety and protection and yet they still get in an accident. An accident, mind you, that was totally not avoidable. The elk jumped over a rail guard and landed right on top of the car, crushing the windshield.

So while at work Mike calls me and tells me more details and tells me "do you realise how bad this could have been?" I say,"yes, the elk could have come completely thru the window and you and Grandma would be dead." He said, "not just that, our car could have been hit after the accident and while I was out of the vehicle and then it would definitely been worse." See, after he hit it, he was dazed and just kinda sat there, then when he got out a lady that stopped told him to move his car. She said it several times getting more and more eager for him to move. He finally did and just minutes later car after car came speeding by and slammed into the elk. 2 cars even T boned and had to be taken to the hospital. A semi had to swerve off the road to avoid the mess too. So if Mike wouldn't have moved those cars may not have stopped for him either. That road is a windy/ snowy road so it is hard to see in advance.

At that point of our conversation I lost it, not only did I just want him and Eighmey home, but I knew I was wrong for feeling anger. I knew Heavenly Father answered our prayers that day. He did protect them, they were not hurt and they were able to walk away. I hate to even think what would have happened if we didn't say our prayer or if we weren't worthy to receive that blessing.

I, being a worry wart, had felt scared for the long ride the whole week before. Grandma asked if Mike was a good driver. Mike's brother was teasing him about wanting to work at a mine, saying it was dangerous and said something about dieing on the way to the interview of a job that was gonna kill him. (you have to know their humor). Anyways with all this and then Janet told me she had a nightmare the night before that they all died in a car crash, I began to use my faith and think deeper.

You can "what if" all day but I honestly feel that when things happen like this we tend to say, Wow, well at least it wasn't worse, and then just forget about it. When I feel I need to take more from this. I need to know that Heavenly Father blessed us so it wasn't worse, nothing happened "just because".
I feel all of us as family had an uneasy feeling about it, but knew to say our prayers and let the rest go. That is why now my feelings have turned 180 degrees. I am just so thankful for their protection. Cars and money can be replaced but I don't know what I would have done if Mike and my girl were hurt or even worse, died. Me not being able to be with them in those minutes would have killed me more then it already did when he called me to say they were fine.

A lot is on my mind still, I wish I would have wrote those little feelings down as it happened so I could look back and copy them here, but the point is: LESSON LEARNED- have faith that Heavenly Fathers hand is in ALL things. Nothing happens just because, it is all in His plan.

Sorry if this was long or all jumbled, I needed to write this down before I forgot my feelings at this moment.

So in other news.

Mike had a great interview, we don't know anything yet other than he was 1 of 18 that was picked out of 800 applicants! I am very proud of him for that. I think that is just crazy cause he has given almost every plumber in the valley his resume and not 1 call back. Not even 1! With all his plumbing back ground you think they would call, not a mine that he hasn't a clue what they would want from him.

Mike after his interview, he has a knot on his head :(

Also, while up there Eighmey turned 5! They sent me a pic of her by a cake Aunt Tonya made her. She had a good day being by herself with daddy.

Meanwhile, I am at home with 2 sick babies. They both started trowing up last night and Ashton still is today. (pics in the next post)

Oh and Mikes trip went from spending gas and a little food money, to renting a uhaul trailer,pulling the car back to his Aunts, buying a new windshield, extra gas, and who knows what tomorrow will bring. We are hoping once the window is fixed he can just drive home and be DONE! So pray for a safe drive tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week 1 - January 2011!

Wow, last year flew by and here we are in 2011! I told myself I would update my blog at least once a week (hasn't happened yet but hopefully when I get caught up I will stick to my goal.)

So to recap the last 2 weeks I will just start from the beginning.
We started the new year with the most crazy night when it comes to temperature. It got to -27 degrees here in Heber. We were playing games all night on new years with gma Parrack and gma Yarn and I remember looking up at the windows in our living room and there being a sheet of ice on the INSIDE of the window. I figured because they are old windows it was doing that, but then I looked at the newer windows that are recently installed and they are the same way. It freaked me out thinking we were gonna freeze that night. Anyways we did ok not totally freezing and the windows didn't do it again so we just assumed it was from being -27. WOW!

We ended up getting about 18 inches. We weren't exactly ready for the snow so the kids didn't have proper snowsuits and such but they played hard in it anyway.

Madden fell asleep so he didn't end up playing in it just walking around outside for a sec.

Since Christmas Madden has watched his Toy Story 3 movie probably close to 3,562 times (approx.). He is just so funny watching it. He will yell the characters names and what they say. He is starting to say lines in the movie before the characters do (that's when you know it is bad :)

The kids made me take this pic cause they thought it was so cute that while he was napping he rolled over and grabbed Jessie and Woody.

Every time the movie gets to the boring part he yells at me and says "tain, mom, tain". This means he wants to see the train again in the first scene of the movie, so I have to skip back like 20 times a day. Also because I always say "AGAIN???", he started calling the movie "tory a-din", this means Story Again. He is just getting so big and can tell me exactly what he wants and it is so cute.

And these are my gorgeous children who all got new suits/Dress for Christmas. They have always wanted a matching suit and Santa finally found them that didn't kill his wallet (or elves)

Brian- 10 Trey-9Jaimin- 7Eighmey-5Madden- 23 monthsAshton-7 1/2 months Best lookin' bunch I've ever seen!

Oh and also in week 1 of Jan Mike got an exciting phone call. It was from the mine in Wyoming asking him to come up for an interview on the 12th. (more on this in newt post)