Wednesday, May 18, 2011

it's only been 4 what!

I can't believe I let 4 months go by without a post. I can't believe 4 months even went by! So I guess I will do a quick catch up post then all the details later (and by later, I mean sooner, just later :)

February we had the kids birthday party (Jaimin, Eighmey and Madden). We had them all together because when it was Jaimin and Eighmeys birthday we were way busy then Madden has his birthday 3 weeks later, so rather then throw 2 parties we just knocked it all out at once. It was fun, I decided to make each of them a cake and all my creative juices were stolen from me so they had to be quicky easy cakes. Eighmey ended up with a dang ugly pony, I put too much pink coloring in the frosting so it was like neon. Jaimin wanted a mario cake so yeah...he got what he got. Madden wanted a train, I thought his was cute but still wish i had more time for them all.

Ashton makes crazy faces, he is such a cutie, I love when they hit the fun stage.

We went to the valley for a couple days for a training Mike had for work. While Mike was in class we went and chopped Eighmeys hair. She has never had it cut short so we decided what the heck. It made her look so big and very cute.

We went to Flagstaff for a training for my work during spring break so we decided to get a otel and have fun as a whole family. We couldn't find much to do so we left kinda early from Flagstaff and as we passed Meteor Crater signs we decided to go. It was a fun stop, very informative.

We also had our pinewood derby, Trey and Brian both got to build cars and race. Brian took 1st in show for our ward.

Eighmey started T ball, the boys are all on the same Minors team. They are having fun with that right now. Jaimin and Eighmey are also in Tumbling class and Eighmey si in pom class so we run around like crazy people pretty much everyday right now.So thats what we have been up to, I am going to get in gear and get this blog caught up before summer hits and we get really busy (more on that later)