Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

A Cake

A quick family pic at Bryce and Reafs Birthday party.

Cupcakes for the party

Top says Reaf but kinda sunk in a bit

Brycey boy

The number 3 and number 1 were kinda funny, but hey they liked it.

Ashton and goofy-ness

Jaimin making an ugly face

Ashton making his crazy face
Madden making a goofy face wearing a hat Trey made.

Ashton making a goofy face but making it look so darn cute


Ashton got stuck in a chair and was crying so we ran in to see what was wrong. It was so cute I had to get a pic.

Getting out of his mess.

Happy it's over.

Update, trying to play catch up.

I am playing catch up again. We moved in July and can't get internet service where we live cause it is the Rural area of Buckeye. So here I am trying to cram 5 months into a post or 2 so I actually can save some memories from this year.

Ashton is my cutie pie, he was acting like he was reading the book of mormon and being a ham.

Mike turned the BIG 3-0, I surprised him with his family coming out for dinner and cake. I also surprised him with a cake, I was rushed through it so much cause he was sitting in the other room and I had to keep telling him to not look. He loved it after all, thought it was clever.

I put yellow gel on it to look like pee, we kept saying Jaimin peed on it cause he always misses.

The kids picked out some candy and stuff for Mike, he liked his card.

Madden has the most pretty eyes

This is our dog Sam, he is a pitbull, Jaimin took this pic so he could use it at school.

Jaimin learned how to do back flips so he practices on the bed cause it is really springy. He can do them flat footed on the ground as well. He is such a superman.