Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaimin!

This day 5 years ago we had our 3rd son, Jaimin Michael. He weighed in at 8lbs 5oz. His was the first c section I enjoyed. I went in feeling good, had a baby, 2 days later left the hospital. Jaimin was so cute and cuddly. We had so much fun with him as a baby. He was also our wild child from day one: he flipped out of daddies arms at 2 weeks old or so,luckily I caught him. He didn't develop his tear ducts right away, he had a herniated bellybutton for 6 months or so. At 4 months old he was crawling, 8 months he was walking, by a year had a full vocabulary. Right after his first birthday he picked up my curling iron and stuck it right to his left cheek, he healed fine and there is no scar now but it sure scared us. At 15 months we realized his legs were a little more than bowed so we took him to a specialist and the had to give him special shoes to wear. Fixed it right up. He had to get staples in the back of his head at 18 months when he fell off our bar stool. WHAT ELSE? The list goes on and on, he had to go to the hospital 1 year ago today for drinking some of my prescription Tylenol with codeine. That scared the crap out of me. On top of all the wildness of this kid he is too big for his britches, he is always bored with whatever he is doing so my house is never clean when that kid is at play. He hated this gymnastics class we put him in cause he didn't start off doing "back hand springs", he told his teacher he wouldn't do a few cartwheels and dance around for their program, so he's out. A few months ago one of the primary teachers left his sight for 1 minute and the next thing she knew he was walking outside the building towards home. She was in tears when she told us she thought she lost him. HE IS ONLY 5! What are we going to do with him? I pray for his future school teachers!

Despite all the pain I endure, sometimes daily, I wouldn't ever give up the opportunity to raise this special spirit. Mike and I always wonder what he is suppose to be teaching us, what Heavenly Fathers plan is for him in our lives. I can't wait to find out but in the mean time we know we just have to have patience with him. We love our J.J. Happy Birthday!

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Pics for December Post!

December, long post!

I haven't posted anything in forever. It seems like my life goes by so fast I can't even thing straight half the time. Well in December we obviously had Christmas and great Christmas parties with the fams. Christmas eve we went to Mikes parents and had a nice dinner, games, presents. Then Christmas morn we woke up after a long night,AGAIN, the kids got to open their presents, and did our usual, watch the movies we just got with our tin full of popcorn. We went to the Starkes Christmas that afternoon. We had a gag gift exchange for the adults and the kids had a gift exchange between them. We also did our usual white elephant game thing. It was fun. We got some of the funniest things for our gags: Mom got some ugly thrift store clothes and purse, Ginger got pregnancy tests and "protection stuff" that she obviously doesn't need anymore (prego woman), Mike got a Mountain Dew Shirt, Brian got a RED oven mitt just like on "The Office" it was so funny just cause right before he opened it he was quoting lines from that episode, I got scratchers. I won 5 bucks, Brandon got a shirt that said something funny, sorry I forgot, Kelli got friendship bracelets so she can make bracelets for her hundreds of friends jk, Andrew got some ugly pink dream catcher thing from me, Mandy got some clothes from the thrift store that were actually cute so I don't know if that counts as a gag.

My Dad came to the party this year, it was so good to have everyone there. The kids all got spoiled from gma and gpa of course. I have tried so hard to teach my kids the true meaning of Christmas and not to worry about all the toys and presents but I feel like I always fail. They always say "I know mom, it's about Jesus' birth" but then they get all greedy when they open all their gifts. I even tried not to get too much this year but gmas and gpas don't help. It sounds like I am gripping sorry, I am grateful for family and all they do to make life comfortable for us and our kids. Family is definitely the reason I keep sane some days. I love you all!

Like I said this is a long post: The day after Christmas our 8 year old got baptised. I figured everyone was up so lets do it now, kinda last second plans and my hubby can't get days straight sometimes so he told his brother down in the valley it was Saturday not Friday so he didn't make it. That's okay, it turned out good. Brian was excited and the speakers gave good talks directed right to Brian and it made me cry to think my oldest is big enough to make these decisions in his own behalf. Mike told him, "K now when you mess up it is your fault not mine and moms." Kinda scary to think the last 8 years I have been held accountable for..yikes! I know we are still held accountable for his future too, just the thought of:itis our duty to teach correct morals and values to our kids and if we don't their lives could be so different. Being a convert and seeing the other side so first hand I would be so heart broken if my kids didn't have the gospel in their lives daily. I really don't know what kids these days will do without the gospel. My kids are only 8, 7, almost 5, almost 3 and they always bring up things they have learned about the gospel. Last Sunday Jaimin was given a CTR ring. He told us all about what his teacher taught him about it. He said " like when you accidentally bump someone and they fall down, you say sorry, that is choosing the right." Funny I thought I taught him that. Oh well he knows now.

Eighmey is cute cause she is always singing "I am a child of God", with that kind of spirit in your home I don't know what else matters.

Well for the rest of December I guess was just hanging out, Mike and I have been trying to get the baby's room done, ha, what a joke. I wait till I have no more energy to hurry and get everything done. 4 more weeks is all and I can't wait,except the fact I don't have anything ready. Ready or not here he comes! I am posting pics from the month, Thanks for listening to my ramble!