Thursday, January 12, 2012

Start the Year off with some fun! 2012

Jaimin turned 8 on Jan 10th. He picked fried eggs for breakfast and cookies for his treat for his classroom party. We also take just our birthday kid out on their birthday for dinner where ever they choose and Jaimin wanted STEAK! So we went to Black Angus. He did order steak and a HUGE root beer float. He was in Heaven! They also brought him a 8 inch cookie with a softball size ice cream scoop on top. Happy birthday J, now to get ready for the dunk! Jaimin gets baptised soon!!!!

Eighmeys birthday, of course, is 2 days later. She turned the BIG 6! She also picked fried eggs and took cookies to class. She ALSO wanted steak but mommy and daddy didn't want the same restaurant so we took her to Chilis. We had a good meal.Crazy thing about dinner was....we walked in and they asked if we wanted the bar or the dinning area, I thought that was weird cause we had Eighmey with us so I wouldn't think they would offer us the bar, but we decided to go there cause the games were on and there was only like 4 people in there. We order dinner and eat and all is well, then Mike and I are chatting back and forth about how much money we will have spent this week on eating out because of the 2 birthdays. (but we like taking them individually so we planned on it). The lady comes back to get out debit card and ticket and she says."actually your bill has been paid for." What? Are you kidding me? She said nope, they wanted to pay and said your little girl is so adorable. We were speechless and VERY thank full. We told Eighmey what happened and she was glowing. It made her so happy to think someone else thought she was that cute that they wanted to pay her bill. So to sum it up, she had a great time too, she got a brownie with ice cream on it with a candle to top it off. PERFECT!
After dinner Mike and I were saying what a blessing that was for those people to pay. We had the money and had no problem paying but we were just saying how we needed to be better at saving after this week cause we had spent too much on birthday dinners. Then that happens and lightens the load. Heavenly Fathers works in amazing ways and I am so thankful to be apart of the tools he uses in this life to touch His children, on the giving and the receiving end, either way is a Blessing.

Eating cookies with her class

We had a quick little party at the park for them and their friends, Jaimin just got a few cupcakes and Eighmey got a big purse cupcake cake. I don't really know why I did that, maybe just cause the purse was too cute to pass up..

Happy Birthday my 2 "Middles"!

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