Friday, January 20, 2012

Ashton and Madden (My FULL TIME Job)

Ashton got his FIRST hair cut right before the new year but I am adding it to this years blog so sue me.

BEFOREAFTERI hate cutting their hair for the first time cause it always makes them look so much older, and with Ashton it seemed like he started acting older too. Why do babies have to grow up?

Ashton loved the ring pop candies cause they remind him of a pacifier (which he still sucks on even at 20 months, so sue me again)

Ashton is old enough now to appreciate his baby he got 2 Christmas' ago. He loves holding him and playing mommy/daddy with Eighmey.

This day I found him hugging on him while sleeping, it's just so cute when they do that.

Madden, on the other hand, is........well..........what would you call that? yeah................A TURD!He will sit in the closet at night after we put him to bed and DESTROY all the kids papers and books and stuff. On this day he pulled out drawers and threw clothes all over, dumped all the boys new drawing stuff, and colored on stuff with markers. WHAT A STINKER!!!!!!

These two definitely keep me on my feet. Even though I'm sure if they tested me they would probably lock me up in a crazy home, I wouldn't change a thing about my crazy days with these two boys. :)

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